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Dress your kid up in this cute hershey kiss costume

Making a costume is always a simple way to get through this Halloween hassle. Instead of waiting hours online for any costume that is far from original you can test making this yummy Hershey kiss costume. All you need are a few simple supplies, and a few Northern Coupons.

The materials involved in making this Hershey Kiss costume are: Duct tape, a few wire hangers, a few rolls of tinfoil, scissors, a blue marker, and several feet of quilted northern toilet paper. So grab your n . coupons and hit s supermarket in your area for these simple materials.

To get started on making your costume, primary bend two wire coat hangers in to a rough circle about four feet in diameter and fasten them combined with duct tape, making sure to hide the pointed ends especially. With the third wire hanger make another circle that fits over your head easily, but will not slip off your shoulders.
Following, measure from the edge with the neckpiece to the edge of where the base would be if it were to hold slightly below your body. Then cut eight possibly even pieces of duct tape to twice this length and double them over themselves to form straps. Holding all the doubled tape pieces jointly, toned ends so all pieces are the identical length.

After you have finished that, attach the straps you made to the two wire circles with a tad bit more duct tape. Be careful to keep the tape straps perpendicular to make sure you get a nice and cone shape. Once this cone is complete, you can add some tape crosshatching to make the cone more substantial and less prone to twisting.

After that is performed drape the cone above the back of a desk chair an begin wrapping that vertically with sheets of tin foil. Each page to overlap about four inches, and secure the of one’s cone with tape. After that, slice out a space for your arms and secure the hole with tape so it won’t rip.

Now use a toilet paper you grabbed with your northern coupons and write Hershey Kiss into it. In that case attached the toilet paper back head.

This cute costume is designed for kids and adults identical, and it can become with simple items you can pick up at any sort of supermarket. So if you require a quick costume for some sort of Halloween party then get your Northern coupons, and try this one on for size!

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